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The word manga was first used by famous woodblock artist Hokusai in the 18th century, and his usage referred to the literal meaning of the word, “whimsical pictures.” Although these are some of the oldest examples of manga, the concept actually dates back to Buddhist monks who produced scrolls as far back as the 12th century. Interestingly enough, these scrolls depicted animals behaving just like humans.

Character traits

The characters in manga often exhibit a few common character traits. Many manga characters react in extreme ways to various situations. Their basic personality traits may be exaggerated, such as stoicism, aggression, and anger. Other characters may be more subtle, with a more even range of emotions. Manga characters may also show extreme emotion in their facial expressions or the way they interact with others. In addition, these characters may be overly dramatic or emotionally numb.


The different kinds of manga are divided into several sub-genres. In Japan, one of the most popular sub-genres is shounen-ai, which translates to “boys’ love”. This genre focuses on homosexual relationships between men. The yaoi genre, on the other hand, emphasizes the soft qualities of men. As a result, shounen-ai mangas are typically more graphic and explicit.


The art of Manga illustration has a long and rich history. This type of storytelling originated in Japan in the late 1700s, and its use is believed to go back further. Modern anime also has its roots in manga illustrations. While anime is primarily created with computer software, the style of manga art remains a time-honored tradition. Here are some techniques to create your own manga illustrations. Read on to learn more about the process of creating manga illustrations.


The storyline of manga is quite different from that of American comics. First of all, manga is published in black and white on inexpensive newsprint, unlike American comics. Second, manga creators use more diverse characters and have more diverse storylines. Third, manga has a much larger global audience than American comics. As a result, you can find different manga stories in different parts of the world. And, unlike American comics, manga books usually have a more mature theme than American comics.


Manga are the most common source material for anime, accounting for a large percentage of all anime. In fact, manga are the primary source material for some of the biggest anime ever created. Shounen and shoujo series are examples of such anime, and both are heavily influenced by manga. For this reason, you can find many different manga-related anime, ranging from kid-friendly series like Bleach to adult-oriented comics like Naruto.

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